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Bengal Kitty Cats Bengal Maine Coon Kittens

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Five Things to Consider Prior to purchasing a Bengal Cat
The Bengal cat can be considered to be one of the most distinctive breeds of cats that you can find out there all over the world. For the third time in a row this year, the Bengal cat is the most sought-after feline breed according to The International Cat Association -- the biggest feline genetic registry in the world. These cats are born through crossing of Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats. They have an attractive appearance. Bengal cats are different than other breeds. You should know a few details about Bengal cats before you decide to purchase one to keep in your home. While Bengal cats are not a new breed, they're still popular. Bengal cat is a relatively new breed, it's still very popular. It isn't widely used in America however, many are intrigued by its characteristics and breeding. Contrary to what they say, the Bengal cat isn't a tiger. It's not a leopard, mini or otherwise.It's a domestic cat. For a "Pet Bengal", expect to spend anywhere from $1000-$2000 for an excellent kitten from a knowledgeable breeder. There are kittens available for lesser. The majority of the time, you get what is paid for. There's a wide range of prices that apply to breeders and their kittens. Breeder kittens are generally higher priced. The price is often determined by color and markings. People prefer larger marks or rosettes. Breeding Bengal kittens can be challenging high-stress, expensive and rewarding. Breeding Bengal kittens requires genuine passion or love. You will never take days off. Animals need constant care and are extremely demanding. Your attention, food and drinking water are crucial to their health and well-being. A good breeder will never allow their kittens to be born before they are thirteen weeks of age. The kittens must have been wormedand vaccinated against FIV, and must be checked by a veterinarian. A health insurance contract and contract is required with the purchase of kittens. Here are some of the most important facts. Check out the most popular Bengal Cat Breeders for recommendations.


Tip 1- Pelt-like Coats
Since it is silky smooth and plush, the Bengal's pelt-like fur is different in comparison to other coats. It's a gorgeous shimmer that shines in the sunlight when these beautiful cats lay down or walk. If their coats and markings shine the most, it's the time when they shine. Their shiny, pelt-like coat needs little or no brushing. Bengals care for their fur by self-grooming less frequently and with shorter sessions. There is a lot less dry saliva that has been left on the coastlines of Bengals. This makes it easier for allergy sufferers.

Tip 2- Coat Colors
The Bengal cat, no matter its color or pattern is well-known for its outgoing personality. They are playful, adventurous and never stop playing. Bengals make a great pet for children due their curiosity. Also, they can easily adapt to living in homes with already pets. The Bengal breed has a large variation in the intensity of its color. Each Bengal is distinct. The brown-colored Bengals, also known as the most traditional Bengals, have green or golden eyes. They don't have blue eyes. Snow, Sepia (Silver), Silver, Marble, Blue and Black, or Melanistic, are some other colors. Variations of blue and charcoal are also offered.


Tip 3- Bengals Tend To Be Fairly High Maintenance
Bengals do as a rule tend to be very demanding and high-maintenance cats. They are often very attached to their family members and are extremely demanding of their attention and time, which is exactly what a lot of people need. But this isn't the case for everyone, and can drive some owners mad! If you don't have the time or energy to spend with your Bengal perhaps it won't be the right cat for you. Bengals are more like having a dog than cats. They follow your around the house and will yell for attention.

Tip 4- They Can Be Noisy
It is vital to be aware that Bengal cats are known to be loud. They can be very loud as well. If you can listen to the sounds of these cats, then you should consider getting one.

Tip 5- They Are Very Energetic
Bengals are extremely athletic breed of cat. Although they are capable of sleeping more as or more than other cat, the Bengal will often be awake at night and demanding to be fed.

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